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Mary – living from whole half heart


As long as you live


From Lost to Living


documentary film on the subject of Mary worship in Bavaria on the occasion of the centenary of the Patrona Bavariae in 2017.


The documentary film ‚As long as you live’ produced for the Hospice Association im Pfaffenwinkel of Bavaria is showing the work of this association. Since 1992 this Hospice Association is dedicated to the task to lovingly care for seriously ill and dying people during their final weeks and days of their lifes.


The documentary film is about the Christian children’s aid organisation ‚Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos’, Spanish for ‚Our Little Brothers and Sisters’ in Latin America. The organisation is celebrating its sixtieth anniversary this year. The film shows four of the eleven children’s villages. The oldest one in Mexico, two in Haiti and a younger one in Peru.


Till I Dry Your Tears


Even When Oceans
Divide Us


Hawai’i Honua Mea
Sacred Earth


Jews, Christians and Muslims live in the most crowded conditions on a scant square kilometer in the Old City of Jerusalem. How do they live, and how do their daily interpersonal relationships function? To the outside observer, everything seems peaceful. But how is it really?


Children from Two Worlds. Between Christianity, Nature Worship and Belief in Gods

The film deals with two girls from two different cultures: they live in two countries on the exact opposite geographical sides of the world. Stefanie lives in Bavaria, Kalehua in Hawai’i. Both girls were raised in the Christian religion, but they have different cultural roots. What do they have in common and what is different in their lives?


Hawai’i – The Front Garden of Paradise?

Ever since Captain James Cook discovered Hawai’i over 200 years ago, the islands have been buffeted by the incursions of western culture. Despite all of this, the old traditions have never been extinguished…


ICELAND - A Wonderwork
of Nature


Pachamama and the Sons
of the Sun


4 and One Drops on a
Lotus Leaf


Since the beginning of creation, Iceland has remained a mysterious world, a world where fire and ice, volcanoes and glaciers lay equal claim to their place in the sun. Impressive camera shots show how Icelandic myths lie concealed in the magnificent countryside all over the island.


New Legendary Discoveries about the Origin of the Incas.

Where did the Incas, the legendary sons of the sun, come from?
In captivating and enchanting images, this film dispels this mystery. It shows us how closely the Andean peoples feel themselves linked with the powers of nature, with the sun and water, the mountains, rivers and lakes.


or the Magic of Immortality

How did our world come to be?
Hinduism gives us an answer to that question – a poetic version of the “big bang” theory: there is darkness everywhere, a starless night, the god Vishnu is fast asleep. But at some point in time he starts to dream…