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I graduated summa cum laude from Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, where I studied art history, philosophy, psychology and ethnology. After that, I worked for newspapers, publishing companies, television productions and learned the craft of film-making. I have been making documentary films since 2004.

My films mainly concentrate on people from other cultures and religions with their specific worlds of consciousness, but also on experiences to the limit of existential nature like extreme poverty or the facing of death.

I feel it is necessary to occupy oneself with the subject of other cultures for being able to reduce prejudice and ignorance and thus being able to live together with different people in a respectful manner.

I regard it as spiritual and mental enrichment to contact differently minded individuals for expanding my awareness and to locate myself in life in a deeper way.

In the study of ethnology and in my journeys to indigenous people who still have closer ties with nature as the industrial societies I learned that you can perceive nature in other forms than our well-known descriptive method of seeing nature as biologically definable materials. These indigenous cultures have a different look upon nature, they are more aware of correlations and interconnections of everything which is alive, sometimes with methods not applicable by our natural sciences.

Indigenous people perceive and learn that nature is interwoven with spirit. This probably allows them to look upon nature in a more respectful way, apart from the fact that these cultures sometimes practice cruel rituals of animal sacrifice.

We however as people of the ‚western’ entlightened thinking only again have to acquire the behaviour to respect nature as from a outside viewer.

Ironically it is just the royal discipline of natural sciences, the physics, which, - long since arrived at the borders of physical reality (keyword: granularity of spacetime and velocity of light) -, is theoretically able to exceed the limits (keyword: Superstring Theory). The inquiring mind wanders out in a way over the borders of the threedimensional space and linear time.
One of the fathers of Quantum Physics Max Planck already said long time ago:
‚There is no matter as such!

All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration… we must assume, behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.’ Today it has been proofed by Quantum Physics experiments: it is an elementary particle, the so called ‚Higgs particle’, which brings the ‚Higgs field’ to vibration, which causes the effect that the exchange particles of an atom have mass, which in turn explains the existence of matter. Matter is therefore mainly defined as stabilized interaction of the exchange particles with the ,Higgs field’.
But which Mind inspires the ,Higgs particle’?
Here we are some way back to the thinking of indigenous people that nature is interwoven by spirit.

I find it exciting, how cultures with extremely different ways of approaching the world can coincide with each other on a deeper level. And I am grateful to have a few insights to these different worlds and to pass these on in my documentary films.

Daniela Baumgartner