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I graduated summa cum laude from Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, where I studied art history, philosophy, psychology and ethnology. After that, I worked for newspapers, publishing companies and television productions, wrote a novel and learned the craft of film-making. I have been making documentary films since 2004.

My films mainly concentrate on other consciousness dimensions, with which I primarily mean: the life and thinking of people in other cultures and religions.

Nowadays the cultures of the world are moving ever closer together.

Still I believe it is important to experience more of people from other cultures, so we can reduce ignorance and prejudice and thus make possible a world where we live together in peace.

The more we know more about others, the more difficult it is to trample the things they regard as sacred under foot.

In my studies of ethnology and in the conflict with cultures, which still have close ties with nature, I have, for example, discovered that nature is not just a collection of biologically definable materials, but rather is also interwoven with the spirit.

I have become acquainted with “worlds”, which are not compatible with “western” enlightened thinking.

St. Augustine once said: “Miracles do not occur in contradiction to nature, but rather in contradiction to what we know about nature.”

I regard the contact with differently minded individuals as mental and spiritual enrichment. I am also learning that many things will remain unfamiliar, and that it isn’t always necessary to understand everything. The only thing I must understand is whether something is genuinely good and serves the cause of goodness.

The saint Pope John Paul II once said: “Man is a creature whose only appropriate dimension is love.”

Love in its deep meaning is compassion and mercy.

My documentary film ‘From Lost To Living’ is about the children’s aid organisation ‘Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos’ in Latin America, which gives home to orphaned, abandoned and indigent children.
800 million people on earth go to bed every day with empty stomachs, - and often there is not even a bed for them to sleep in but only the bear dirty ground.

On the occasion of the centenary of the Patrona Bavariae in 2017 I produced a documentary film in 2016 on the subject of Mary worship in Bavaria.

This documentary film with the title: ‚Mary- living from whole half heart’ is about the story of a little girl named Mary, who was born with a severe heart defect, and her religious mother Anna. The mother believes that her prayers to the virgin Mary were the turning point in the healing process of her daughter. The film shows two aspects of the story of the healing process, the medical and the religious point of view, without taking somebody’s side. My own opinion on this subject is: belief and science are two of the many facets of a gemstone which I consider to be life.

Daniela Baumgartner